What we do

We make it easy, super easy for meeting planners to create registration websites, communicate with attendees, process payments and pull reports like housing, selected activities, and more. Our application, ootoWeb, is loaded with every piece of functionality that the average corporate or association meeting planner is looking for. And since we use the latest technology available, it is easy for us to go beyond what planners expect today and include features that the industry will need in the coming years, such as integration with mobile devices, and video to name just a few.

Who we are

We, the team behind ootoWeb, are the same team that pioneered meeting planning technology more than 10 years ago, the same team that created seeUthere Technologies. This team has years of experience working with corporate and association planners and understands exactly what attendee management technology needs to deliver. Today, ootoWeb combines the in-depth industry knowledge acquired over many years with the latest technology to create a smarter, more contemporary solution that addresses the needs of today's planner.

Our name

If you haven't already guessed, ooto stands for out-of-the-office. That's where meetings are usually held. That's where most meeting planners would rather be. We hope that ootoWeb will allow more planners to spend more time out-of-the-office living life to the fullest.

Our Services

Customization Services

Custom themes

We can add additional themes and palettes, based on your specifications, to your ootoWeb account. You can apply these themes to any meeting registration site. We will satisfy any corporate branding guidelines required on registration sites.


ootoWeb can be white-labeled to suit the needs of your organization. For agencies, ootoWeb can be re-branded to help you to provide a more customized experience for your customers. For corporations, ootoWeb can be made to appear as a seamless part of your IT portfolio.

Consulting Services

Our consulting services are well-equipped to provide solutions to the unique challenges your organization faces. We have extensive experience in the meetings industry, and have accumulated a vast repertoire of projects. Examples include integrations with Learning and Education systems, CRMs, and GDSs, as well as custom applications.
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